Administrative support you didn't know you needed.

Don’t pause your creative flow

I have met so many creative small business owners who are excellent in their craft but need a little assistance on the “backside” of their business. Delegating some of the administrative tasks can keep your mind focused on what’s important to you - creations for your customers. 

Your vision is important to me

Customer service is key! Your visions, ideas, and concepts are important. My service is to help give you tools to streamline your business. 

Preparing for any “stage”

Presentations, proposals, training? I can help create PowerPoints, notes, brochures, sign-in sheets, and simple customer or employee application forms (digital or hard copy). They can be as professional or casual as you want them to be. 

Mobile Notary - Adobe Fillable forms - PowerPoint presentations

Google Form creations - Email organization/cleanup - Brochures/Programs

I look forward to serving you.

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